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  • Testimonial #4
    John Eales, former Australian Wallaby Captain, dual Rugby World Cup winner, author & leadership consultant,

    Jamie’s thorough and holistic approach to coaching has ensured his longevity and success in leading executives to greater performance.... John Eales, former Australian Wallaby Captain, dual Rugby World Cup winner, author & leadership consultant

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  • Testimonial #3
    Brian Vella, CEO, DT (STW Group),

    Jamie is a motivated and motivating business coach. His ability to inspire the positive in you is a great skill and I’ve enjoyed and valued my time... Brian Vella, CEO, DT (STW Group)

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  • Testimonial #2
    Matthew Toms, COO, Asian Pacific Group,

    Jamie is thought provoking, challenging and has guided and  inspired me to lead with confidence, believe in myself and set a clear path for business success..  ... Matthew Toms, COO, Asian Pacific Group

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Vision - Core Purpose

Kiimera takes business leaders and their businesses to a new and higher plane of world class existence and performance.


Past & Present Clients


Business Case

Inconsistent performance from executives is commonplace, however sustained, predictable and resilient high performance is a rare commodity. Kiimera will elevate your high performing andhigh potential executives to the level of elite on a sustainable basis.

Kiimera uses a combination of individual coaching and group workshops based on a proven process to recharge, align and elevate your executives.

Kiimera DOES NOT OFFER remedial coaching, therapy or counseling.

Kiimera is an immediate and effective talent management tool. We provide your organization with a proven, systematic and efficient means of optimizing your high potentials and high performers.

Kiimera gives your organisation easy access to tailoring and defining concepts such as “employer of choice”, “work-life balance”, “high performance” and “success” for your entire top level of management.

Kiimera creates a competitive advantage for your organization through greater retention, elite development and sustainable leadership.


Kiimera is a premium service that delivers its coaching and workshops with the highest standards of integrity, insight and purpose.

We succeed, where others fail.

Operational Tactics

Sustained individual coaching combined with tailored group workshops.

Proof Points and Metrics

Kiimera uses periodic tracking and reporting on individual and organizational missions, visions and strategic progress.

The Founder

Jamie Bunn is the founder of Kiimera. Access his Bio and Vision, Mission & Mastery Path

Our Advantages

  • 1. Insightful & Effective Framework. After 15 years research and development Kiimera has arrived at this unique model of coaching. This framework is specific enough to resonate with individual ideals and preferences whilst broad enough to encompass any other model of self or team leadership (such as the Goleman-Harvard 6 Styles model.
  • 2. Energy & Resilience Expertise. Not only is the coaching based on tertiary and master qualified professional education but it also has a enduring holistic understanding and background too. The executive energy and resilience understanding not only comes from an traditional psychological perspective but also from a qualified Nutritionist and martial arts Black-Belt. By utilising this holistic view Executive Leaders receive powerful insight, energy and resilience coaching to complement their technical leadership development..
  • 3. Enduring Relationships, Evidence & Longevity. The 15+ years experience and longevity of their engagements demonstrates Kiimera as a coaching and facilitation service that clients love, respect and rely on. Few coaching businesses can cite 10 year professional engagements with their clients like Kiimera. Whilst there is a strong relational aspect to these partnerships, additional rational factors, such as gaining faster and better results, also supports the credibility of the coaching over a sustained period.

What Can Kiimera Do For You?

Talent Management & Development

By offering your high potential and high performing team members a chance to receive tailored leadership coaching you immediately add immense value beyond the simple salary-services exchange.

People Reassurance & Risk Management

Kiimera offers you peace of mind when it comes to your most prized asset - your people. Generic training courses, unskilled & sloppy management conversations and general confusion on how to maximise talent is a avoided when you engage Kiimera. Leadership Coaching & facilitation delivers focused, highly skilled and strategic insight for the individual and the organisation. Minimise your risk of losing talent and engage us.

Measured & Masterful Success

Through the use of proven systems and processes of leadership and development, Kiimera supports the relational ideals of coaching and facilitation with proven and tactical rational metrics. Measuring success for your talent goes beyond simply the ROI. Masterful success is holistic, complex and difficult to achieve and measure without a proven approach. We have that approach.

Communication Flow

One of the most common destructive forces within an organisation is the lack of communication flow. Through coaching and team workshops, Kiimera promotes the flow of ideas, innovation and business energy throughout the organisation.



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