Jamie Bunn

Jamie Bunn's Bio

Professional Education & Qualifications

Professional History

  • 1995 - 2000 Hotkey Internet Services, Sales Manager & Equity holder which sold to PRIMUS Telecom
  • 2000 - 2002 Livalife International, Founder and nutritional supplement developer
  • 2002+ Coaching & Facilitation business founder
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black-Belt competitor & instructor
  • Buddhist philosopher & meditation practitioner
  • Sports & business high performance visualisation techniques practitioner

His Daughter's Brain Cancer
Another key contribution to his life was when his daughter, Ella Bunn, was diagnosed and treated for a brain tumour in 2008. The journey with brain cancer has been life defining for himself, his daughter and his family. Although her life was saved, many complications still need to be endured and embraced, and hence the rehabilitation and recovery of his daughter continues today. Jamie Bunn does keynote addresses for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation to raise money and awareness for this cause.

Jamie Bunn’s Vision

To be a great Husband, Father and Friend, and an Awesome Buddha Businessman.

Jamie Bunn’s Mission

as at Mar 2014

I am being and living my mission everyday. I create my day and future through focusing my intention and energy daily. I am continually open, learning and expressing a positive attitude. Whenever possible I encourage the people around me to do the same.

Kiimera is the manifestation of me in business. Business is a great game and I love to play.

I am an inspiration and a role model for my family. I actively nurture my family, and their unique talents. I provide an environment for my family that allows them to achieve their potential according to their own values and beliefs. I share parenting with my wife, family and friends to ensure that my children receive broad, inspiring and harmonious care.

I carve a path through the medical world to best heal the effects of my daughter’s brain tumour. I support and promote my daughter’s healing, whilst ensuring other children grow powerfully, feel loved and are loved through the journey as well.

I cultivate the passion and joy of living with energy throughout all my friendships. I am a loyal, insightful and powerful friend, and receive the same in return.

I am committed to open, clear and honest communication as a means of living with energy. I show wisdom in what I consume as energy and when possible I choose the most natural, organic, renewable and healthy energy sources. I share my knowledge and wisdom regarding energy with anyone whom desires it.

I make the optimal decisions about family and business finances and ensure that we make purchases and investments from a place of abundance and generosity. I accumulate wealth with the purpose of sharing my message and supporting my lifestyle. I believe that money is a form of energy and I am committed to continually growing my wealth as a source of great energy.

I passionately consume information about leadership, business and happiness. I derive my perspective from a broad spectrum of insight, and I am open to both the Eastern and Western view on all topics. I have a life-long commitment to regular Jiu Jitsu, Yoga, Meditation and Buddhism. I am committed to developing my skills and myself continuously

I contribute actively to the community through the development of Kiimera and the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation.

I love my wife passionately and support her dreams.We shoot for the stars in everyway, everyday, to have the best relationship possible. We challenge and commit to each other unconditionally. She is my light and my Goddess, and I never forget that.

I am my mission.

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    John Eales, former Australian Wallaby Captain, dual Rugby World Cup winner, author & leadership consultant,

    Jamie’s thorough and holistic approach to coaching has ensured his longevity and success in leading executives to greater performance.... John Eales, former Australian Wallaby Captain, dual Rugby World Cup winner, author & leadership consultant

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    Brian Vella, CEO, DT (STW Group),

    Jamie is a motivated and motivating business coach. His ability to inspire the positive in you is a great skill and I’ve enjoyed and valued my time... Brian Vella, CEO, DT (STW Group)

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    Matthew Toms, COO, Asian Pacific Group,

    Jamie is thought provoking, challenging and has guided and  inspired me to lead with confidence, believe in myself and set a clear path for business success..  ... Matthew Toms, COO, Asian Pacific Group

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