Leadership Coaching

Background References & Research

Drawing on the world's best resources and aggregators, such as Harvard Business Review and TED, Kiimera has developed a coaching and leadership framework that integrates and builds on each stage of knowledge acquisition and development. The broad three concentric circles know as the "Vision Framework" has been adpated from Simon Sinek's Golden Circles and Dan Pink's theory of motivation. All the supplementary resource reading and theory is taken from Harvard Business Review who has aggregrated all the best theorists and practitioners to make it easy to access in one single space.

The Vision Framework Explained

Executive Coaching

Kiimera offers coaching for both high performers and high potential executive leaders. In the case of high performers, companies engage Kiimera in order to enhance and maintain their high performance, whilst mitigating the risk that they will leave. With regard to high potential executives, the coaching is desinged to elevate them to strong leadership levels, whilst minimising the risk of wasting time in the wrong development areas.

Kiimera do not deal with “problem children", poor performers or offer remedial coaching of any sort.

All coaching candidates must first undergo psychological profiling using at least four proven and tested tools prior to commencing their coaching. This profiling identifies the high level strengths and weaknesses of each individual and provides evidence for areas of focus for the coaching.

Kiimera coaches the candidate as a whole person and explores the values, priorities and core beliefs of the individual in order to ensure they are completely aligned both internally and externally.

The phases of the coaching are:

Phase 1 - Profiling using NLP, SCALE, Energy Audit & Leadership Audit
Phase 2 - Goal Setting with candidate, coach and manager
Phase 3 - 5 Coaching Sessions
Phase 4 - Mid Program review with candidate, coach and manager
Phase 5 - 5 Coaching Sessions
Phase 6 - End of program review with candidate, coach and manager
Phase 7 - Candidate Re-engagement or Exit from the Program

Length of Engagement

Typical coaching engagements last anywhere between 6 months to 6+ years depending on the individual’s and the organizational needs.

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Our Advantages

  • 1. Insightful & Effective Framework. After 15 years research and development Kiimera has arrived at this unique model of coaching. This framework is specific enough to resonate with individual ideals and preferences whilst broad enough to encompass any other model of self or team leadership (such as the Goleman-Harvard 6 Styles model.
  • 2. Energy & Resilience Expertise. Not only is the coaching based on tertiary and master qualified professional education but it also has a enduring holistic understanding and background too. The executive energy and resilience understanding not only comes from an traditional psychological perspective but also from a qualified Nutritionist and martial arts Black-Belt. By utilising this holistic view Executive Leaders receive powerful insight, energy and resilience coaching to complement their technical leadership development..
  • 3. Enduring Relationships, Evidence & Longevity. The 15+ years experience and longevity of their engagements demonstrates Kiimera as a coaching and facilitation service that clients love, respect and rely on. Few coaching businesses can cite 10 year professional engagements with their clients like Kiimera. Whilst there is a strong relational aspect to these partnerships, additional rational factors, such as gaining faster and better results, also supports the credibility of the coaching over a sustained period.

satisfied customers

  • Testimonial #4
    John Eales, former Australian Wallaby Captain, dual Rugby World Cup winner, author & leadership consultant,

    Jamie’s thorough and holistic approach to coaching has ensured his longevity and success in leading executives to greater performance.... John Eales, former Australian Wallaby Captain, dual Rugby World Cup winner, author & leadership consultant

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  • Testimonial #3
    Brian Vella, CEO, DT (STW Group),

    Jamie is a motivated and motivating business coach. His ability to inspire the positive in you is a great skill and I’ve enjoyed and valued my time... Brian Vella, CEO, DT (STW Group)

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  • Testimonial #2
    Matthew Toms, COO, Asian Pacific Group,

    Jamie is thought provoking, challenging and has guided and  inspired me to lead with confidence, believe in myself and set a clear path for business success..  ... Matthew Toms, COO, Asian Pacific Group

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