Whole Brand Energy – how to create a high performance culture and true brand equity

Great leadership, innovation, a high performance culture and true brand equity are almost universal goals of any organisation. Yet, almost every organisation has a piecemeal approach to achieving these four core objectives. Often leadership programs exist alongside cultural change programs which in turn exist alongside Innovation drives and whatever marketing plan is currently being implemented.

Currently brand is separately developed by the marketing team and signed off by the organisational leaders. Brand is viewed as autonomous to the people, but paradoxically representative of the people in the organisation. An organisation is simply the sum of all the people that form it and the resulting products or services they emit. If an organisation is it's people, how then can a brand be separate to the organisation's culture? It cannot. The brand is the people and the people are the culture and the culture produces the products and services. It therefore follows that the whole energy of the people is the whole energy of the brand. Further more, if you neglect the whole energy of the people, you neglect the whole energy of the brand and consequently undermine the profitability and equity of the organisation.

Imagine there was a strategy that not only unified the four objectives of great leadership, innovation, a high performance culture and true brand equity, but also created a platform on which these four success principles became self sufficient and perpetually developing. There is, and it's called Whole Brand Energy. By considering the energy of the individual employees and investing in them, you are enhancing the Whole Brand Energy of your business.

Whole Brand Energy is a unifying architecture that forms the basis of an organisation that is not only culturally enlightened, but monstrously profitable. This Whole Brand Energy strategy gives real meaning and quantifiable depth to human resource and marketing buzz words like 'employer of choice', 'brand equity', 'life balance' and 'talent management'. Whole Brand Energy strategy is a method of moving companies into the most profitable and happy state they had ever experienced.

Whole Brand Energy encompasses both internal and external communication to ensure brand postioning and stakeholder emotional responses and behaviours to the brand are aligned. Where stakeholders include all employees, owners, customers and anyone interacting with the brand.

Whole Brand Energy determines and is determined by the consistency of the leadership, prevailing culture, product integrity, service integrity, stakeholder value, brand concept and brand positioning of an organisation. The ideal state for any organisation is the complete alignment and integration of all the determinants of Whole Brand Energy which creates a dominating market leader in product, services, human resources, talent management, leadership and social contribution.

By ignoring the concrete link between individual and organisational values, principles and core purpose which drives an individual's energy, and instead focusing resources on cosmetic changes to product features, services, systems and technologies many organisations are throwing their capital and brand equity away. Before the organisation can exist, it depends on a community of people forming, and if the basis of this formation is simply desperation for a salary, fear of marginalization or any other fear, then the result is defunct Whole Brand Energy.

Defunct Whole Brand Energy translates to minimal or non-existent brand equity, low employee retention, cyclical corporate restructuring, tenuous and highly fragile revenue and expense control and a culture typified by fear, deceitful politics and bullying.

By embracing the link between individual and organisational values, principles and core purpose the organisation achieves greatness. By focusing resources on Whole Brand Energy an organisation can simply, efficiently and effectively create a community based on customer value, employee value, community value as well as internal and external market leadership.

Clearly there is no substitute for Whole Brand Energy, nor is there any other method to achieve organisational greatness, yet most organisational leaders ignore this proven path to success and happiness. Without a commitment to Whole Brand Energy, organisations find themselves randomly engaging management consultants, new age marketers, performance and talent managers, business consultants, technical consultants, business coaches and even life coaches or new age practitioners. Whilst as a discrete tactics these alternate engagements may have specialised application, there is no way to expand their application to the entire range of effectiveness that a Whole Brand Energy strategy has.

Whole Brand Energy creates stakeholder value so that innovation, organisational flexibility and associated responsiveness, high quality product and services, high margin and the overall organisational happiness manifest. When organisations follow this strategy they, at the very least, become market leaders, and, at best, completely unrivalled within their chosen industry.

So how do you create Whole Brand Energy? By focusing on the people within the organisation and fostering their individual Vision, Missions and Mastery Paths so that they are all aligned with the overall Vision, Mission and Strategy of the business.

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